Precision Laser Optics

Precision Optics Fabrication

What Is Precision Optics?

Precision Optics refers to the process of employing particular substrates or coatings for the manufacture of optical components that enable specific laser wavelengths to move through a glass medium. Used across a wide range of instrumentation and applications, Precision Optics can be used to steer beams and in material processing, among other functions.

Compared to optical components for more pedestrian purposes (e.g. eyeglasses) that use common glass types, precision optical components are made of more exotic materials to optimize design for the specific wavelengths needed for a particular application. Additionally, some highly-specialized applications involving high-powered and ultra-fast lasers require precision optical components with extremely low tolerances.

Some of the features we consider for optical components for ultra-fast, high-powered laser systems include:

  • Absorption
  • Dispersion
  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Laser-Induced Damage
  • Thresholds (LIDT)
  • Surface Quality
  • Coating Properties

Laser Optical Components We Produce

With 40 years of experience in manufacturing precision optics for laser systems, Blue Ridge Optics is your trusted expert in precision optical components.

Our Standard Optical Components

Beam Steering, Beam Dumps
Conductive/ITO Coated Optics

Infrared Optics
Laser Rods
Laser Gains and Crystals

Beamsplitters from Blue Ridge Optics

As one of the more common optical components, beamsplitters separate incident light at a select ratio into two separate beams. Classified as either a cube or a plate, beamsplitters are commonly used with natural or polychromatic light sources.

Beamsplitters are critical to many optical experiments and measurement systems, playing an important role in interferometry. Additionally, fiber optic telecommunications has made wide use of beamsplitters to divide light sources from one fiber to two or more.

Prisms for Precision Optics

In addition to beamsplitters, along with all the other optical components listed above, Blue Ridge Optics specializes in the manufacture of prisms for laser systems. Prisms are solid glass optical components cut and polished in geometric shapes significant to the functioning of certain laser optic systems. Prisms must be produced with very exacting tolerances and accuracies.

Given the deviation in their shape, size, and number of surfaces, prisms are typically manufactured in low quantities for specific applications. At Blue Ridge Optics, we pride ourselves on our identity as a company who works closely with our clients to create custom components for particular and idiosyncratic applications.
As a registered ISO 9001 manufacturer with ITAR/EAR Compliance, you can trust Blue Ridge Optics to deliver the highest-quality optical components for your laser system.

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