Precision Optics for
Advanced Laser Systems

For the past 20 years, Blue Ridge Optics has been a leader in precision optics manufacturing for laser systems. Operating from a 40,000 sq foot facility in the heart of Virginia, we possess state-of-the-art equipment with engineering and design capabilities, to serve clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. 

From prototype to production, Blue Ridge Optics is the preferred source of optical lens across industry and R&D.

Precision Optics Fabrication

We use the highest-quality materials, and most advanced processes and techniques to create custom and standard laser optics. Both our off-the-shelf and custom optical fabrication and polishing solutions have made us the preferred choice for thousands of clients across the globe.


High power, low absorption
thin film coatings.


Manufacturer of optics components
including laser optics & crystals.


Including lenses, beamsplitters,
waveplates, crystals & gain materials.

Thin Film Coating


Blue Ridge Optics offers cutting-edge thin film ITO coatings, AR coatings, Dielectric coatings and much more.

Engineering Capabilities for Advanced Optics

From high-speed polishing and lapping to optical shaping, we possess the latest and best in-house polishing, shaping and blanking, and material finishing equipment.

Optical Metrology for Testing Components

Your optical components for advanced laser applications are only as good as the testing processes and equipment used to verify their specifications. Blue Ridge Optics houses the newest in interferometers and spectrophotometers for quality control.

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