Optical Coating from Blue Ridge Optics

Thin film coating technology

Thin film optical coatings are applied to glass substrates to modify their optical properties. Coated in extremely thin layers to the surface of an optical substrate, the number of coats and the thickness of the coating impact the wavelengths of light able to penetrate the glass.

As a manufacturer of precision optics, Blue Ridge Optics’ thin film coating technology has been utilized in some of the world’s most advanced and powerful laser systems. Learn more about our thin film optical coating here.

We also offer a number of standard coatings.

Standard Optical Coatings

AR (Anti-Reflective)


Conducive (ITO)



High Reflection

High-Power/Ultra Durable

Metal Protective

Output Couplers


With Blue Ridge Optics’ strong emphasis on R&D , we are also able to create custom optical coatings for our clients. We are consistently expanding to meet the evolving needs of our partners in the scientific community and industry to devise thin film coatings for the most sophisticated laser systems.

Optical Coating Deposition

In order to produce optical thin film coatings with precision, one needs to control deposition to achieve the desired sequence, uniformity, thickness, and refraction indices. Blue Ridge Optics’ thin film coating deposition chambers possess the latest in cutting-edge vacuum and monitoring technology.

Our thin film deposition process employs both optical and crystal monitoring to ensure consistent and repeatable results. Blue Ridge Optics’ thin film uses advanced plasma, electron beam, ion assist, and thermal resistance to produce the highest-grade optical coatings.

Production Capabilities

Wavelengths: 190-15,000nm (UV-MWIR)

Dimensions: 0.1-450mm

Production Capacity: 10,000 Parts Per Month

Optical Coating for Laser System

ITO Coating

Due to its use in a number of industrial applications from flat-panel display screens to the freezer windows at your local supermarket, ITO-coated optical substrates are an important part of Blue Ridge’s optical coating manufacturing portfolio.

ITO coating is produced by spreading a thin layer of Indium Tin Oxide over a glass substrate, which makes for a low resistance but highly transparent glass.

Employing the same standards we use for all of our optical coatings, Blue Ridge performs the process of manufacturing ITO-coated glass substrates in a vacuum-sealed chamber with close monitoring for quality assurance.

All of Blue Ridge Optics’ optical coating processes conform to ISO 9001 standards and ITAR/EAR Compliance.

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