Optical Fabrication Capabilities from Blue Ridge Optics

Blue Ridge Optics supplies both custom and made-to-order standard laser optics, optical polishing components, and thin film coatings for a wide range of applications. From Dielectric Coatings to Conductive (ITO) coatings, our precision optical lens are designed for the most sophisticated scientific and industrial applications.

Our optical fabrication capabilities include double-sided lapping and polishing with planetary action, high speed and mrf polishing, and CNC lens manufacturing.

We offer our clients low-volume R&D laser optic solutions customized to meet their specific needs. In addition, we are able to create high-volume production in nearly every type of optical material, shape, and size.

Optical Engineering Capabilities of Between 9-127mm

Optical Materials

Standard Materials

Fused Silica
Magnesium Fluoride (MgF2)
Hybrid & Custom Materials

Infrared Materials

CaF2 (IR)
IG Glass

Crystals and Gain Materials

BBO / LBO Crystal
KTA / KTP Crystal
Phosphate Glass
Lithium Niobate (KNbO3)
Vanadate (YVO4)
YAG (Doped: Er, Nd, Yb)
ZnSe (Standard & Doped: Fe, Cr)
Hybrid & Custom Crystals

Optical Fabrication Technologies and Capabilities

Fabrication Technology

CNC Blanking, Shaping & Polishing
MRF Finishing, Super Polish
Continuous Lappers (12-72″)
Double Sided Lappers

Achievable Specifications

Dimensions: 0.1 – 457mm (Cross Sections)
Surface Quality: < 10-5
Flatness: 1/40 Wave @ 632.8nm (RWE)
TWE: 1/40 Wave @ 632.8nm (TWE)
RMS: <1 Angstrom RMS

Double-Sided Lapping and Polishing with Planetary Action

Double-sided planetary lapping and polishing from Blue Ridge Optics uses a top and bottom plate to grind and polish your precision optical component, making its twin sides completely parallel.  

Our double-sided processing technique involves planetary action in order to abrade material equally from both faces of your optical substrate.

In addition to our double-sided polishers, we also have:

Spindle Polishers

15-72” Continuous Polishers

Hybrid Polishers (YAG, Ruby, and Sapphire)

With multiple large continuous polishers of up to 72”, as well as our high-compression, double-sided planetary action polishers, Blue Ridge can manufacture optics from 0.25 – 14+”. 

double sided polishers
CP Polishing and Lapping

CNC Lens Manufacturing in Optical Fabrication

CNC Lens Manufacturing

Blue Ridge employs high-speed Computer-Numerically-Controlled (CNC) instruments and equipment for the grinding and centering of your precision optical components. Our CNC optical grinding equipment ensures that your optics meet our rigorous specifications and standards.

For standard to custom shapes from 5-150mm, our 5-Axis multi-head CNC platform allows us to precisely manufacture blanks and complexly-shaped optics. Optical fabrication and measurement go hand in glove, and every optical component that we manufacture is measured in our state-of-the-art metrology lab.

MRF Polishing and High Speed Polishing

MRF and Superpolish

At Blue Ridge, we employ the process of magnetorheological finishing (MRF), using an interferometrically-informed subaperture tool to correct waveform errors by selectively removing materials from an optical surface. 

In relying on a computer, MRF removes the need for individuals to manually finish an optical surface, greatly reducing human error from the process of optical fabrication. Blue Ridge offers MRF final finishing from 0.5 – 76.2mm OD, <1Å RMS Roughness, and L/60 RWE/TWE. 

In addition, our super-polished surfaces are available with λ/10 flatness, 10-5 scratch-dig, and 2-5Å polish. 

Optical Engineering Capabilities of Between 9-127mm