Precision Optics Manufacturing for Advanced Applications

Our advanced optical engineering techniques and state-of-the-art equipment make Blue Ridge your go-to source for precision optics.

For those engaged in R&D, we design and produce custom optical components. We also have the ability to complete high-volume production orders. Our laser optics shop offers both build to print solutions and off-the-shelf turnkey optical products.

Send your order to our sales engineers or contact us about our inventory. We turn around quotes in less than 24 hours.

Optical Windows to Maximize Light Transmission

Optical Windows

Blue Ridge produces Optical Windows that maximize light transmission within a specified wavelength, while minimizing light reflection and absorption. Our Windows are deployed to protect optical systems and assemblies.

Optical Windows are flat, optically-transparent plates that do not produce power in a system. When selecting an Optical Window, you should base your decision on the material properties—Fused Silica, Sapphire, etc.—and surface specifications that best match your particular application.

Optical Mirrors for Superior Performance in Advanced Optics

Optical Mirrors

Our Optical Mirrors (flat and ultrafast) deliver the best-in-class performance for difficult beam steering applications in advanced laser systems. Blue Ridge’s thin film dielectric coating technology gives us a distinct advantage in the manufacture of Optical Mirrors.

Our design staff possesses extensive knowledge and experience in ultrafast optics, enabling us to develop precision optics for your specific applications that provide the combination of high reflectivity, an expansive spectral bandwidth, superior laser damage resistance, and low dispersion.

Optical Lens for Advanced Scientific and Industrial Applications

Optical Lenses

Blue Ridge Optics has decades of experience and expertise in manufacturing optical lenses for laser systems. We have the processes and technology in place to ensure the optical lenses you order have the exact specifications you require for spatial frequency and surface on a particular substrate.

Optical lens truncation, angle, whether your component needs a steep or long radius—we take everything into consideration in designing, manufacturing, polishing your optic by relying on our sophisticated fabrication equipment.

Plate and Cube Beam Splitters for Laser Applications

Plate and Cube Beam Splitters

At Blue Ridge Optics, we leverage our expertise in thin film coating to provide optimal performance in your plate and cube beam splitters. We produce a number of plate beam splitters, cube polarized beam splitters, and polarizing IR and UV beam splitter cubes with unmatched parallelism.

For your laser system, you need a beam splitter with a high damage threshold, low absorption characteristics, and wavefront distortion. Blue Ridge specializes in manufacturing laser-specific partial reflectors for your most advanced applications.

Thin Film Polarizers from Blue Ridge Optics

Thin Film Polarizers

Our thin-film polarizers offer a high thin film polarizer extinction ratio, a high damage threshold, exceptional durability, and last for the lifetime for your system. As experts in the manufacture of thin film polarizers for the most demanding of applications, Blue Ridge Optics makes both custom polarizers along with our expansive in-stock inventory.

Blue Ridge manufactures polarizers across a broad spectral band for a wide range of laser applications. We offer polarizing beam splitters in a number of shapes and configurations for the most advanced laser systems.

Laser Rods and Crystals

Laser Rods and Crystals

Laser rods and crystals generate laser radiation: specifically, they are the media through which laser radiation is generated. Blue Ridge Optics builds the highest-quality laser rods to optimize the performance of your system.

We specialize in designing and making laser rods of various dimensions and material depending on the specific needs of your application. We ensure accuracy in the mounting of laser rods to your system.

What is Ultrafast Optics?

Ultrafast Optics

Ultrafast optics concerns ultrafast phenomena—phenomena that occur in picoseconds or even more compressed timeframes. In ultrafast optics experiments, pulses are generated in picoseconds with mode-locked lasers.

At Blue Ridge, our ultrafast optical components—such as our ultrafast mirrors and polarizers—are made to hold up against ns, ps, and fs pulse durations in your laser system. We have an abundance of ultrafast precision optics in stock, as well as the ability to create custom pieces for your specific needs. 

Optical Filters for Your Precision Laser Application

Optical Filters

Optical filters select different portions of the optical spectrum to transmit. Typically, optical filters either absorb unwanted light by employing colored glass or dyes, or reflect unwanted light with interference coatings. 

Used in microscopy, spectroscopy, chemical analysis, and machine vision, Optical Filters from Blue Ridge can also be used in laser applications. Optical filters for laser applications are used to reject the wavelengths within a particular range, while allowing in other wavelengths in the spectral band.

Blue Ridge Optics: Your Precision Laser Optics Manufacturer

Precision optical engineering affects the reflection, polarization, filtering, and focusing of lasers in a system. Blue Ridge has decades of experience and engineering expertise in building sophisticated components, combined with the most advanced in thin film coating technologies.