Surface and Defect Mapping

Client: Aerospace and Defense Manufacturer

Application Requirements:

  • Coating for high-powered lasers
  • A clear laser path

Critical Issues:

  • The laser must be used without burning up the substrate or coating.

Design Basis:

  • Locate the roughest areas of each coated optic.
  • Provide a surface map of each coated surface to the customer.
  • The customer can move the laser path to the best areas of the optic.
  • Eliminating the need for perfect optics improves yields.


BRO was able to provide the customer with surface-mapped optics. A series of consultations with the metrology equipment manufacturers led to a process and program to identify and record the location of defects. BRO was able to adapt their in-house equipment to do this. The customer was able to complete their project promptly by not having to replace their optical components constantly.