Blue Ridge Optics Has Been Acquired by MPF Products, Inc.

Blue Ridge Optics, a precision optical component manufacturer, is pleased to announce that they have been acquired by MPF Products, Inc. – a manufacturing company that produces highly specialized connectors, feedthroughs, and sensors for a variety of applications, including aerospace manufacturing.

The acquisition process has been years in the making and was formally finalized in December 2021. In the year since the acquisition was finalized, MPF Products and Blue Ridge Optics have been working to merge their organizations into a single cohesive unit utilizing a vertical integration structure.

Blue Ridge Optics and MPF Products have long been partners in creating components for use in aerospace development. The acquisition has afforded Blue Ridge Optics the ability to work directly with the internal team at MPF Products as their in-house optics division which will eliminate the back and forth that has historically slowed down the research and development, and manufacturing processes. While working together, the two organizations have always turned out exceptional products, but the acquisition of BRO by MPF Products creates the opportunity to cut out the back and forth and red tape to create an even better experience for customers and allow them to work even more closely together to come up with solutions for highly customized applications.

“We are thrilled that Blue Ridge Optics can now formally be announced as part of the MPF Products organization,” stated Justin Siehien, the General Manager of Blue Ridge Optics. “We are excited to offer our current and prospective customers a higher level of service and excellence in the manufacturing of precision laser optics, high-power thin film coatings, and optical assemblies.”

Although the acquisition was formalized in late 2021, both organizations have spent the interim working to integrate their teams and streamlining their processes and procedures. With over a year under their belts working together as a cohesive unit, they are confident that customers will feel that while everything is working as smoothly as ever, it’s also an even more efficient process.

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About Blue Ridge Optics

Since 2006, Blue Ridge Optics has served the aerospace, medical, OEM, science, and laboratory markets in the manufacturing of precision optical components, including thin film coating, optical polishing, MRF finishing, metrology, and testing services. They’ve built their reputation on reliable customer service and industry-leading high-damage threshold optics. From raw material sourcing to sub-assembly, their in-house capabilities are fully integrated, offering a single source supplier for precision optical needs.

About MPF Products, Inc.

Since 1994, MPF Products, Inc. has been recognized by customers, suppliers, and employees as the leading expert in ceramic-to-metal sealing technology. Located on a 50-acre campus, minutes outside of Greenville, SC, they have been supplying feedthroughs and viewports to Fortune 500 companies, cutting-edge research laboratories, and emerging tech startups for nearly 30 years. In 2021 they received the ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality management systems.

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